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Your support in learning how to conduct research

Are you a student who is lying awake at night from statistics? Do you get a headache from your research? If so, you are not the only one.

Everyone who performs research experiences problems from time to time and is uncertain about what needs to be done. serves to provide you with high-quality and reliable support to overcome your doubts and problems so that you can conduct your research easier, faster and better.

Would you like to get some help?

Many difficulties may arise when conducting research. Sometimes the meaning of a term is not clear. Sometimes a statistical test needs to be explained. Sometimes a peer is needed to exchange ideas with, or an experienced coach who guides you through the research process. With a little help, you can be confident that your research project will be properly designed, conducted, analyzed and reported. 

If you are a student and if you need help with your research, you have come to the right place. This site is meant for you. is intended to serve all those students who need some help. helps you to overcome your problems will save you a lot of time searching, because the information on the site is clearly presented. Furthermore, it is easy to ask for help. is a membership site. It simply means that our help is not fro free. Good help is never for free. And somehow, this site has to stay online. Because we want to be completely independent, even from advertorials, we ask a small contribution from all those students who benefit from the information on this site. We find this logical and appropriate.

The request of a monthly, quarterly or yearly contribution is very low, ranging from € 2.50 per month to € 20.00 for a yearM. The tuition fees for  studies at university are much higher. It is not exceptional if for a course in statistics a fee of € 1250.- is asked. We could ask for a larger financial contribution, but we chose not to, because we want to help as many students as possible. If you read our motto you will understand why.

Our motto

Our goal is to teach you how to do proper research.


Good research provides you with better information.
With better information, you can make better decisions.
With better decisions, you can create a healthier, wealthier and freer world,
for people, fauna and flora, for this and future generations.

That’s why we think it’s necessary for you to know how to carry out proper research.

When you become member, you have access to ...

... our superior online dictionary about research and statistics

Much basic information can be found in our online dictionary. In total 152 terms are clearly described.

... our community with our coaches

 You can easily ask questions and get answers from members in the community. You can also request personal support from one of our experienced research coaches. 

... a personal chat box to communicate with coaches

If you want, you can create a personal chat box to keep the conversations with peers or a coach private.

... our tips and tricks about how to conduct research

Our tips make doing research a lot easier.

... our manual about how to formulate a good reserch question

The far most biggest cause for a stiff research is a bad research question. In this manual we explain how a good research question should be formulated.


You can cancel your subscription any time

When you finished your study or research, it is understandable to stop your contribution to our site. Just send a mail with your name and email login account to We will stop your monthly, quarterly or yearly contribution as soon as possible

There are no distracting advertorials

We are independent from every university and from every company. We don't allow companies to put advertorials on the site. Now you can keep your focus on the information you really need.

Our coaches are professionals

We only work with professional coaches. Anyone is allowed to apply to become a coach at, but they need to pass an intake form in which they have to show they have enough experience and capacity to be a coach.

And yes, you can get a discount for a longer subscription

You need at least a month's subscription to gain access. You do get a discount with a quarter or annual subscription.

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€ 2.50
  • Access to our superior dictionary
  • Access to our tips and tricks
  • Acces to our community
  • Monthly terminable



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  • Access to our superior dictionary
  • Access to our tips and tricks
  • Acces to our community
  • Quarterly terminable



€ 20.00
  • Access to our superior dictionary
  • Access to our tips and tricks
  • Acces to our community
  • Yearly terminable

A temporary bonus

Get this manual for free

To prove the quality of our content you can download our manual "How to formulate a good research question" as an introduction present for free. Becoming a member is now a real bargain, because the price for this manual is € 6,95.

A good research question ...

  • ... makes your research straight forward
  • ... lessens your stress in not knowing what to do
  • ... will improve the quality of your research
  • ... will result in a higher grade
  • ... gives you more time to spend with friends

Don't loose time and money by finding out the wheel again. All you have to do is to become member.


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